Air Force ROTC Detachment 910

How to join

Entry requirements

Please go to to receive the most current information about AFROTC entry requirements. If you are currently in high school, you may be eligible for the AFROTC High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) during your senior year.  Please go to High School Scholarship Types for details. For HSSP questions, please direct them to the Seattle Gold Bar Recruiter.

If you are a college student with less than 3 years of school left OR you have already earned your bachelor’s degree (or advanced academic degree), consult an Active Duty Line Officer Accessions Recruiter for information on how to commission through the Officer Training School.  Our point of contact for the Line Officer Accessions is 253-302-9436.

How to enroll

In order to enroll in the AFROTC program, candidates are required to create a secure, online account via the Holm Center WINGS System.  Once you’ve begun that process, please notify us at for further instruction.  For fall term program entry the AFROTC Recruiting Officer holds several enrollment sessions between July – September of that year.  At this session we will discuss program requirements, help you complete the online enrollment if necessary and enroll for your courses.

Fall enrollment session sign up will be available for sign up at the beginning of every July

All those who have submitted an application and been placed on our fall enrollment roster will receive an email notification from the Recruiting Officer on how to sign up for enrollment. If you can’t attend one of the enrollment sessions, please request an individual appointment by emailing

Enrollment deadline

AFROTC Detachment 910 accepts open enrollment for fall term only.  While we will accept applicants up to the last date to add a course, we strongly encourage incoming cadets to complete the enrollment process prior to the first day of the term.  Doing so facilitates a smooth transition into the program.  Winter and Spring term admission is considered on a case by case basis and only by contacting the Recruiting Officer at

What to bring to your appointment

To facilitate your entry into the AFROTC program, please bring the following items:

  • Original social security card
  • Original birth certificate or naturalization certificate (If you are not currently a U.S. citizen please contact the Recruiting Officer for further information)
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • College Transcripts (if you have taken college courses)
  • Selective Service Card (for males 18 and over)