Air Force ROTC Detachment 910

Husky Flying Club

We are Husky Flying Club, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) dedicated to anything aviation-related. Currently we have two major components of our club: (1)  our competitive FPV (First Person View) drone racing team and (2) Hangar 51, a dedicated space for top-of-the-line flight simulators, all with DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) and Microsoft Flight Sim 2020.

FPV Drone Racing Team

FPV Drone racing is a competitive sport where drone pilots wear VR-Goggles to race drones from a first-person perspective. These drones are not your average photography drones; racing drones only fly for less than 10 minutes and can go upwards of 60 miles per hour! Racing courses consist of a series of obstacles that the drone must navigate through, the fastest lap time wins. Our drone racing practices will be held each weekend but we encourage our pilots to use the drone simulators in Clark Hall to hone their skills. Outside of racing, our drone team will provide many opportunities for developing your skills in engineering.  Assembly of drones requires detailed soldering, testing, and shop skills.

Hangar 51

Hangar 51 is Husky Flying Club’s own simulation room located on the 4th floor of Clark Hall. The room is equipped with 3 VR-capable flight simulators. The simulators are loaded with both DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Our club has dedicated instructors who are ready to coach newcomers on how to fly. Additionally, multiplayer events will be held which will instill knowledge and skills in flying while being competitive and exciting. We aim to host DCS campaigns/scenarios/PVP and Microsoft Flight Sim challenge sessions. Husky Flying Club members are able to access the sims outside of club hours as long as they log their sessions on the HFC sign-in sheet. If you have your own simulator setup, you are also free to join us!

Outside of our drone racing team and flight simulators, Husky Flying Club emphasizes building connections within the aviation industry. We host “Aviation Talks”, which are social Q&A sessions with insiders from the aviation industry such as pilots or engineers. In addition, we are working toward getting all of our members real flight experience with the help of the pilots from the local Civil Air Patrol.

If you are interested, feel free to leave a comment, message us, or join our discord.