Air Force ROTC Detachment 910


Special Warfare Airman Club (SWAC) is an extracurricular activity in the Air Force ROTC program. SWAC is designed to educate cadets on the skills necessary for the Phase I, Phase II, and training pipelines for Air Force Special Warfare AFSCs, including Tactical Air Control Party Officer, Special Tactics Officer, and Combat Rescue Officer. SWAC is a candidate club; thus, prospective cadets must successfully complete and satisfy all requirements of membership. Members and candidates are held to the highest physical and mental standards in the program. 

The club provides exclusive training opportunities pertaining to the aforementioned career fields, including, but not limited to, regional competitions, base visits, and professional development. SWAC focuses on water-confidence training, strength, endurance, swimming, and other tactical skills, Above all else, we want humble, credible, and approachable cadets who lead by example and strive to better themselves every day. SWAC is open to all AS classes for candidacy.